How to Create an Ombre Lips Look using the Mynena Liquid Lipsticks and Lipglosses?

How to Create an Ombre Lips Look using the Mynena Liquid Lipsticks and Lipglosses?


Sometimes we focus on the eyes being our point of attention in our makeup looks. But, do you think that degraded lips could captivate more?

The ombre lips it’s a makeup technique that shows off your gradient lips using two similar or contrasting shades of lipstick. You can also finish with a lip gloss to give shine. It’s an ideal technique since you can do it discreetly with nude and pink tones or super bold with dark tones, using brown, black, green or blue lipsticks. By the way, you can make the gradient in different directions, we’ll show you how to do, so keep reading!


Now, how to do an Ombre Lips with our Mattiful Liquid Lipsticks:

The most common and simple Ombre Lips is the blur to the center:

ombre lips black to red

1) Choose two different colors from our range of Mattiful Liquid Lipsticks

2) Apply the first Mattiful Liquid Lipstick, the darkest or strongest tone on the outer area of your lips: Define the contour of your lips with this tone and don't fill in your lips completely

3) Apply the second Mattiful Liquid Lipstick, the lighter or softer tone on the inner area of your lips:  You don’t need to use much, with a couple of small touches is enough. It’s important not to touch the darkest pigment, to avoid staining the applicator of your Mattiful Liquid Lipstick

4) Time to blend and seal! Choose a small makeup brush or the tip of your little finger, mix both shades of lipsticks carefully - you can slightly close your lips too

Wait for it to dry and apply one of our Glossy Lipgloss to give your lips a shine. We recommend the Glossy Lip Gloss in the Gema, Jennifer, Karla or Vane shades. 


In addition to the blur to the center… What other directions can Ombre Lips be done?

Corners degraded

Another modality of Ombre Lips is towards the center by applying the darker tone at the corners of the lips and blending towards the center of the lip to a lighter tone.


Side degraded”  


Apply the darkest tone in one of the corners of your lips and the lighter tone in the other corner. Then blur the tones until they match, towards the center of your lips.


“Horizontal degraded” 

Apply the lipstick of your choice - be it the darkest or the lightest - on the outermost part of the upper lip and blend it downwards, coinciding with the second tone.



> This makeup trick gives your lips more volume, they look more attractive and absolutely juicy. 

> You can also define the contour of your lips with a lip liner. 

> The technique is so versatile that you can also use one Mattiful Liquid Lipstick and one Glossy Lip Gloss.  


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