How to use the Mynena Loose Powder Highlighters?

How to use the Mynena Loose Powder Highlighters?

In a basic makeup routine for any event, including parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and job interviews - the use of highlighter is  indispensable. They are cosmetics that allow us to enhance and illuminate areas of the body that would naturally reach the light, such as the face, collarbones and shoulders. Additionally, the use of highlighters, hide the imperfections of your skin and give the appearance of a more alive, daring and sexy face.

Silver, bronze, gold, pink and white are the colors of Loose Powder Highlighters that we carry to create dramatic and bold, casual and sensual, or a subtle no-makeup look. Our lightweight, ultra-fine texture, and long-lasting formula is safe for all skin types and allows the light to naturally reflect off your high points.


Where is Highlighter applied and how useful is it?

  • On the cheekbones to style and define your face
  • On the arch of the eyebrows to allow the effect of a higher eyebrow
  • On the inner corner of the eye (tear area) to generate a look with more amplitude
  • On the chin to give volume and shape it
  • On the lips -cupid's arch- for lips with more volume.
  • Between the sway and tip of the nose
  • On the shoulders and clavicules when wearing blouses or dresses


Steps to apply our Loose Powder Highlighters

  • First cleanse and moisturize your face with your favorite products
  • Second, prepare your face with your favorite eye look, foundation, concealer. Optionally, you can put some blush on.
  • Very important!!! Choose what type of look you want to create: dramatic and bold, casual and sensual or a subtle no-makeup look
  • For dramatic and bold looks we recommend you to use No. 1 or No.06 (silver and gold colors). For casual and sensual looks use No.02, No.04 or No.05 (white, pink and bronze colors) and for makeup non-makeup looks use No.04 or No.06 (pink and gold colors) 


  • Now, choose two brushes: one large brush and one small brush. *You can also use a sponge*
  • With the small brush, apply the Loose Powder Highlighter on the arch of the eyebrow and on the inner corner of your eye
  • With the large brush, apply the Highlighter on the chin, cupid's arch, between the sway and the tip of the nose
  • Finally on the cheekbones, mixing it with the blush with movements towards direction of your mouth and towards the ear





  • You can mix our Loose Powder Highlighter with your favorite oil or moisturizer for a higher pigmentation. In addition, you can also mix with powder eyeshadow or blush
  • Our makeup cosmetics are Talc-Free, Paraben-Free, Cruelty-free & Vegan. So don't worry, it's suitable for all skin types and tones
  • Our cosmetics line is easy to apply and friendly for newbies, beauty lovers, beginners and professional makeup artists.There are no excuses to try!
  • Please, please, please don't abuse it by applying large amounts of product. It's better to start with small amounts and build up the highlighter until you feel comfortable

* We do not recommend using your fingers for the application of highlighters, as you can help the proliferation of bacteria in the product. 


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