How to use our Neon Loose Powder Pigments?

How to use our Neon Loose Powder Pigments?


Variety of bold colors - including white, pigments glow under UV light and high intensity pigmentation are a few things that characterize our Neon Loose Powder Pigments!


The Neon Loose Powder Pigments are more intense than conventional eyeshadows, so you can blend them together to get new shades. Thanks to our vegan formula, it’s compatible with creams, face foundation, primer, gels, and lip glosses to adhere and create new makeup looks. 

They are very user-friendly and manageable, allowing creative combinations with other products. And you can wear it on any surface of our face or body. Below, we tell you how to use them in each case: 


How to use as eyeshadows:

Usually, the Loose Powder Pigments are used for night makeup looks, parties, clubs, festivals, fantasy makeup… or for dramatic and bold looks such as Drag Queen makeups. Also, you can do gorgeous samurai makeup, full eyelid looks, cut creases or liner!* 

How to use to body art:

Mix our pigments with a medium and use them as paint to recreate fantastic creatures and mythological looks, Marvel or DC superhero looks, and fabulous 3D art on your body on you.   

 How to use as lip gloss: 

The great thing about mixing the Loose Powder Pigments with a lip gloss or matte liquid lipstick is that it intensifies the real color of the lipstick and the coverage is long lasting.

How to use to nail art :

You can mix it with acrylic nail powder, or dissolve some of the powder in the monomer solution. Also, they can be applied directly on the nail with a small brush, sponge, swab or your fingertips. 




> They’re fluorescent pigments that react to black light! Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

> You can choose from 24 colors in two available kits!

>Please, use a small amount at the beginning of the application, as it’s very easy to stain the face with excess powder. 

>We recommend that when using the loose powder pigments on the eyelid, you do it before fully applying makeup to your face, so you avoid staining your makeup*

>Also, you can use a moistened paper towel that covers your cheeks or use eye makeup patches

> You can remove our Neon and Pastel Loose Powder Pigments on your face or body with a makeup wipe, cotton pad or with any makeup remover. Remember to moisturize your skin later

> These pigments are Cruelty-free and Paraben Free makeup collections are not tested on animals. Designed and formulated in the USA, manufactured in a GMP certified facility


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