About Us

Luxury, bold makeup made affordable! 

Our connection with a lot of things has evolved with the concept of "modernization" and one such thing that has evolved as well is the concept of 'beauty. Beauty is an attribute that cannot be overruled as everything has its level of beauty which is defined by the beholder. Every individual interprets beauty differently from their varying perspective of what they are viewing. One of the major tools that contribute to beauty is COSMETIC. 


With over 5 years of experience in the investigation, development, and production of beauty products, our brand has garnered a substantial amount of expertise in the field and we are constantly researching and developing more products to meet up the changing demands of our customers. 


MYNENA COSMETICS is a Puerto Rico based makeup brand that is focused on optimizing the intrinsic feminine beauty and charm in every user of our products.
In addition, Our brand produces sophisticated and high-quality makeup products which promote the physical appearance and enhance the natural beauty of every lady, it also boosts the user's self-confidence while being original. 


There is a wide variety of beauty products(eyeshadow, lipstick, Glitter makeup, lip gloss) in different shades of colors to suit your category of preferences at affordable prices. 


However, Our company didn't neglect the importance of the safety of its customers, this propels us to make use of the safest and finest of ingredients in the formulation of our beauty products. We are aware our products are being applied to the external body and we must ensure that the skin( especially the face which is delicate) has a lot to benefit from our products and not cause harm to the skin layers. Our products are 100% mineral based and cruelty-free. 


Every one of our efforts is dedicated to bringing to you the safest, sophisticated, affordable, and durable beauty products. 


As we do say, makeup is art, so be a masterpiece with Mynena Cosmetics. 



If you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear it. Email us to nenas@mynena.com, we are here to help you become a raving fan of our products and service.